[alpha-] Partial support for custom localization and rough translation for English

This is an announcement of release alpha- .

Release alpha- includes few changes in gameplay but now custom localization feature is supported. And it's important but there is no compatibility with save data of older version.

You can add custom translations by placing localization packs under <root>/OverRay_Data/StreamingAssets/Localization. For more details, see GitHub repository of ORLL, the localization system I made for Chikaro. ( https://github.com/ruccho/ORLL ) I'm writing docs for ORLL now, so please wait a moment!

In addition, here is the English localization pack that is roughly translated based on Google translate. (so it's not so exact!)  Download "Default English Localization Pack_alpha-" and place "Default English" folder to <root>/OverRay_Data/StreamingAssets/Localization.


Chikaro The First Contact Demo (alpha- 39 MB
60 days ago
Default English Localization Pack_alpha- 12 kB
60 days ago

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