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Chikaro / 地下楼

The First Contact Demo

* This project is in development. 

* "The First Contact Demo" contains the first part of this game.

* Currently it supports Japanese only. 



Chikaro is a 2D action game featuring pixel art graphics that incorporate light expressions. The player uses the action of out-of-body experience to explore the field by manipulating enemies and gimmicks.

The stage is the world after the civilization collapses. The main character Yokaze and the android Sigmo follow the remnants of civilization, read the remaining thoughts of the past people, and solve the mysteries of the world.

■  ストーリー / STORY







The world after the collapse of civilization.

An autonomous robot weapon called "amorphous" dominates on the ground. Almost 100 years have passed since most people were detained in the underground evacuation facility "Chikaro".

Yokaze, a boy with spiritual ability, wakes up in the ruins of the mountains. He has lost his memory and meets an android girl Sigmo who also has lost her memory.

The two defeated the enemy and escaped the ruins while solving the mechanism. They decided to travel on the devastated earth to find out who they were.

What happened to this world? It is hardly handed down. However, Yokaze can read the residual thoughts of those who lived in the past by his spiritual ability.

He reads the memory and follows the remnants of civilization. Their journey to know their origin will eventually unravel the mysteries of the world.

Twitter: @ruccho_vector

Official Website: https://ruccho.github.io/chikaro

Updated 25 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreAction, Adventure, Platformer
Made withUnity, Aseprite
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Chikaro The First Contact Demo (alpha- 39 MB
Default English Localization Pack_alpha- 12 kB

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I am blown away. Even though I can't speak Japanese, I still managed my way through the demo and will totally support this even if it never gets localization. Absolutely adored my time with this. The game is beautiful, ambient and just perfect. I dig around Itchio a lot and these are the moments it makes it all worthwhile. Love it.

this is really cool unfortunately it's all in japanese so I've been getting stuck at some levels just because i have no idea what i'm supposed to do. but there is some english telling you what keys so that good. and the art and attack combos/animations  are soo beautiful and clean! really good job so far & great level design, 8/10!

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wow, an anime style 2d pixel game, i would really buy this if it's done and i hope the german language will be there (because i'm german) or at least english

and pls also export it for 32bit

edit: (i'm also a programmer and using Unity, if i could get the project , i can make a german and english tranlation for it)

edit(2):(Pls make the game more palyable bc it lag soo much)

Admin (2 edits)

Great work. I don’t read Japanese but I was able to make it through the game just fine, if anyone is curious about trying it but worried about the language. Here’s a recording for the itch.io YouTube channel:

My feedback: The game is really beautiful, and the atmosphere is great. The abilities & gameplay is cool and I think there’s a lot of potential for a full release. The jumping is floaty and the time freeze while attacking hurts the flow of the combat IMO. Regardless, it’s still really well made. I’m excited to see where this goes.


this game looks awsome but i cant play its in japanes and plz trasalt soon to english

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When I de-compiled/extracted the game assets to translate it, they did not have localised assets. In other words, the text in the game was hard-coded in, making translating much harder.

I de-compiled and re-compiled Assembly-CSharp.dll, it had some data that I could translate, however I'm beginning to suspect the main text data is located in level0 etc. I'm sure I looked last time, correct me if I'm wrong. Yes, it appears text data is located in level0 and so on, currently I can view the data and have a method which logically should work to recompile it.

i have no idea what u just said


Thank you for playing my game! I can't afford to translate it into English myself, but I'm working on creating a localization system and localization editor for Chikaro. Please be patient as the text of this game may be easily localized!


Being that I live in the US I don't understand entirely what is going on from the story perspective, nor do I entirely understand the menus, but it is indeed playable and, with a little experimentation, managed to figure a few things out! I'm loving this game so far! Do you plan to translate the game into English and will the final game be released on Switch??

When will the option to switch languages come out?